Balance Biz    
  1. Balanace-Biz software is very simple accounting software.
  2. No need to learn accounting to use this software, rather it will help you to understand accounting
    effects and accounting terms.
  3. Balanace-Biz software is developed for accounting, inventory management, business management,
    employee management, taxes management, etc.
  4. Firm/Company,traders, stockiest, manufacturers, service industry can use this software.
  5. Balance-Biz software has options for Multiuser, Multi-company.
  6. Customize bill setting, bill print setting, report setting, tax setting, data export to MS-excel options made
    balance-biz rich and useful for all type of firms.
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Bharat Irrigation - 48 +    
  • Bharat Irrigation-48+ software is India’s first software designed for Micro-Irrigation dealers.
  • Micro-Irrigation dealers can use Bharat Irrigation-48+ for preparing hard copy of Irrigation subsidy project
    of farmers with graph.
  • Accuracy of graph made nearly all dealers of Maharashtra-state happy and satisfied. We are launching
    out of Maharashtra also. Bharat Irrigation-48+ is useful for –
  1. making graph of micro-irrigation,
  2. quotation, delivery challan, bill,
  3. complete subsidy project (according to sub-divisional krishi officer’s format),
  4. Stock register for dealer.
  • We make updates as per GR changes.
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CCM Complete Crops Management    
  • If we consider ‘Farming’ as a profession, then there should be profit and loss account, balance sheet,
    plot-wise & crop-wise profit.
  • According to our vision farming is not less than production company, where farmer require large
    amount of capital, he pays salary, he require raw material and he produce products.
  • Farming is team work. Farmer has to create market, search new market.
  • ‘Complete Crops Management’ is a software for farmer. Designed to manage Farming with profit.
  • This is easy accounting software with farming entry, work schedule, salary management, plot-wise
    reports, stock reports, cash/bank management, balance-sheet, etc.
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